You Should Be Jerking Off to Mia Khalifa Right Now

Out of all the pornstars that never really got the big break, Mia Khalifa was the only one who broke out on the big stage and proved that he could also be a pop culture icon. The good-looking Muslim pornstar caused a huge uproar once she started wearing a hijab in her porn videos, but still continued to give us some of the best pornography ever. She never felt threatened by the religious zealots that promised to kill her, yet we have all sort of wondered if she is still a“real pornstar”if she’s wearing a hijab. Khalifa proved that she is, after all, a pornstar. A pornstar that changed the game for years to come. She was the one that popularized this whole “hijab porn” genre and that is why you have people searching for Mia Khalifa XXX pics religiously even though she has been retired for almost a decade now.

With her look, she was most likely considered the biggest pornstar in the world before she was branded as… well, we are not going to mention any of the insults hurled at her. But Mia Khalifa did just what she was supposed to do as a pornstar, that’s to take all of this abuse and transform it into her business card, so to speak. She kept working hard even though people wanted her dead, for real. She did some of the best work of her entire career while the pressure was at an all-time high. With more hate than you can imagine, she still came out on top as one of the best performers of all time. She took every hate she faced in stride, and that is when she was ultimately a role model for a whole new generation of pornographic movie actresses who are not scared to get online and get into any type of controversy.

She was already a legend when she retired, but now that more and more people are revisiting her work, she is becoming something of an icon. The hottie is really good at what she does and there is nothing better than that. She is a true survivor, one of the best people we have ever come across online, or in the real world. She may be retired, but you really should be jerking to her past pictures right now.

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